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Sokobanja, as one of the oldest and according to many people the most beautiful Serbian spa, is situated in the basin encircled by the imposing Rtanj mountain in the north and embraced by the massif of Devica and Ozrena in the south. It is 30 km distant from the Corridor 10, 220 km from Belgrade, 180 km from Sofia, and 60 km from Nis and Nis airport "Constantine the Great". As such, undoubtedly it represents a high-quality relation between the central Serbia, along the Morava valley and eastern Serbian regions, from the Djerdap cliff down the Timok river to the Nisava river and Nis.

At the same time, in todays' world characterized by modern communications and our efforts focused on the integration with the European Union, it has an extremely favorable location along the Corridor 10, which once completed will become the only connection between the Central Europe, Balkan region, and the Near East. Considering that Sokobanja is highly classified in terms of number of tourists among all tourist locations in Serbia, and according to the estimation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia it is the most promising Serbian spa, it has been classified by the Serbian Tourism Development Strategy in a group of seven most attractive tourist locations in the country.

Besides the medical tourism, Sokobanja has a great potential for development of sport, congress, recreation and rural tourism. With its rich geographic, climatic, cultural and historical attractions, it represents an ideal basis for further development and improvement of this place. The municipality has already started to invest in roads and utility infrastructure, as well as development of master plans and detailed regulation plans that together will enable development of the location and facilitate future investments to the great extent. Furthermore, Sokobanja will get its Master plan this year and hence it will be the only spa with its future development plan defined.

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